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Select from our small batch artisanal products.  So many delicious & farm fresh options available!
All orders must be placed by noon, two days prior to your assigned delivery day.
Monday at 12:00pm for WEDNESDAY DELIVERY
Tuesday at 12:00pm for THURSDAY DELIVERY

          You may add or remove items in your cart right up until your cut-off time.
          There is no checkout. Items that are in your cart after the cutoff time are tallied up and your credit card on file is  
          charged for that order.

Once your order is placed, your card will be charged. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted forms of payment. You will be emailed a friendly reminder stating your delivery date and time. Delivery will vary from 8am-6pm.


We promptly deliver your order Wednesday or Thursday. As a valued client, we share the up front cost with you. When you sign up for our service there is an initial fee for the cooler & ice pack inserts. The partial cost of the cooler is $15.00 and $2.00 for an ice pack. Frozen items (meats & ice cream) require a separate cooler, also a $15 charge and $5.00 for a frozen dry ice pack.

If you are home to accept your order, we will give you your product, take the cooler with us and credit your account for the cooler and inserts, within 3 business days.


If you are not home to accept your order, we will leave your cooler with your items. You may leave special instructions for your delivery in the COMMENTS section on your order Unfortunately, our staff are not allowed to enter your home.


As long as you return your cooler for the next delivery day you will not incur any additional costs for the cooler & inserts.


On your scheduled delivery day, please leave your cooler by your doorstep. We will swap out your unused cooler with a cold one containing your delicious products.

 If after 30 days you do not return the cooler an additional $15 cooler will be charged to your account.



Enjoy your farm fresh products!
If you request a re-delivery of product, where Chesapeake Bay Farms was unable to deliver due to customer error (i.e. wrong address, no delivery, dogs were aggressive; etc) a re-delivery fee of $5.00 will be charged.

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