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Chesapeake Bay Farms was established in 1946 in Worcester County, Maryland and continues to thrive. With the surge of corporate mega-dairies and the rising cost of shipping most small dairy farms were driven out. We realized to make ourselves sustainable we would need to turn 100% of our milk into something on site. Chesapeake Bay Farms is proud to be Worcester County's last remaining dairy farm. With 2 retail locations in the county, you too can be part of the legacy. Our products include small batch artisanal ice cream, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, grass fed meats and more available for retail or wholesale. Sign up for our services today!


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At Chesapeake Bay Farms, we raise over 250 cows. Our cows are fed an all-natural diet for cow strength and milk flavor. The cows are also milked twice a day, 365 days a year. The milk at CBF is gently pasteurized at low temps to ensure that the enzymes are not completely destroyed. We never use any RBGH or RBST hormones or chemical compounds.  Every drop of our all-natural milk on the farm is turned into a small batch product. Choose from artisanal ice cream, cheese, butter, cream and yogurt. In addition to our dairy products we raise grass fed beef and get our pork from an award winning 4-H farmer. All products are humanely processed in a USDA approved facility. We also carry free-range eggs and a variety of pantry staples like jellies, jams, sauces & pickled vegetables.

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